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After 242 days in Beta, we now have over 3000 users and an active community of security professionals, hobbyists and specialists providing input, answers, moderation, blog posts and their own time to make the site a global success.

Congratulations to all the members – your effort has paid off, and today we joined 27 other official sites in the Stack Exchange network, and graduate as a fully fledged member. We’re excited to see the new visual design by @Jin (with comments and ideas from many of our core contributors) that permeates all aspects of the new site and blog. Various people see various things in it – the noble and powerful lion (Aslan?) on the great shield of security, wings for swiftness and protection, the various flanking maneuvers and battles raging in the background. As per the other StackExchange sites, you will even be able to get t-shirts and other logoware soon.

What does graduation mean?

A design, official inclusion into StackExchange – statistics, API tools etc. A greater presence online.

Reputation and Privileges

Private and public beta sites operate under reduced reputation requirements. This allows young sites to grow rapidly. However, when the site graduates from beta, the privilege levels return to their normal levels.

Private Beta Public Beta Graduated
1 15 15 Vote Up
15 15 15 Flag Offensive
1 50 50 Leave Comments
1 100 100 Edit Wiki Posts
1 125 125 Vote Down
1 150 150 Create New Tags
1 200 200 Retag Questions
500 750 2000 Edit Posts
1 500 3000 Vote to Close
2000 2000 10000 Access Mod Tools


This means 19 of you have lost ‘Edit Posts’ privileges until you get over 2000, and 51 have lost ‘Vote to Close’ until you reach 3000. Don’t worry – you can always flag issues and a mod will take care of it. Once you reach the normal thresholds your privileges will automatically return.

But what is the IT Security Stack Exchange for?

From the FAQ:

IT Security – Stack Exchange is for Information Security professionals to discuss protecting assets from threats and vulnerabilities. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • web app hardening
  • network security
  • phishing
  • risk management
  • policies
  • penetration testing
  • security tools
  • using cryptography*

Celebrate success

Let your colleagues know about the site and the blog – we already get around 1000 visits a day, but the more people who come, the wider the pool of expertise we can bring in.

We also have a twitter hashtag – #stacksecurity – so feel free to communicate to the twitterverse to let people know that answers to a lot of security questions are here.


*Also, we have just heard that a closely related site, the Cryptography Stack Exchange, has just reached 100% commit so will be entering private Beta now. While Security Stack Exchange will continue to have as one of our disciplines the understanding and management of risk in crypto implementations, here we steer clear of the mathematical issues and concentrate on security and risk.

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  • Mark Davidson says:

    Isn’t the change in the amount of reputation required for access to mod tools a bit much dosen’t that leave us with like 4 moderators as opposed to the 20 we had during the beta?

  • M'vy says:

    Congratulations!! Champagne!! Hope it will continue to run well in the few next weeks 😛

  • Iszi says:

    @MarkDavidson – “Access to Mod Tools” does not make a user equivalent to a real moderator. It just gives them a better ability to find posts that may be in need of corrective action, via the privileges (close vote, edit, etc) they’ve already earned. Only the SEI-designated and/or community-elected “diamond moderators” can do real moderation, like single-handedly close/delete posts and such. Based on what I see at other SE sites of comparable size to ours, we’ll probably only have three “diamond moderators” for awhile.

  • Iszi says:

    Correction: It seems that, at the same level you acquire access to Moderator Tools, you also get the right to vote for post deletion. Again though, this doesn’t put the “mod hammer” in your tool belt – you can only vote for deletion under certain circumstances, and it takes at least three votes to delete a question. Even the venerable “trusted users” with 20k+ reputation are still only granted enhanced voting privileges – one must have the diamond to use any “real” moderator powers.