Presentations: Starting your security career – where can you go?

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I gave a talk on career planning in Information Security at Abertay University on the 16th of January 2013.

Securi-Tay is an annual security conference organised by students at Abertay and is a very well organised and run event – could put some professional conferences to shame!

Video of my talk


The talk went down very well, with a lot of discussion spinning off afterwards, and the odd additional visitor to Sec.SE

Most of the video should be straightforward, but a couple of the slides may be hard to read so I have included them here:

Slide 8, industry trends:


Slide 13, some useful certifications:


Slide 14, the time-bounded nature of certifications:slide14

Slide 16, self marketing (see that nice big Sec.SE logo:-):slide16

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  • Adnan says:

    Great talk, Rory! It sure gave me some guidelines for my career planning.

  • Amirh says:

    I only checked those 3 slides and it turned out that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for as person who is studying to be a CEH. But the problem is that for some people on this planet there’s no fast speed access to youtube and bypassing( the youtube ban; please don’t ask where I am from;) only helps you when the file is not as big as this talk. I would be very grateful if you provide a download link for this talk. Cheers.