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Spent January 16th up in Dundee, at the University of Abertay, at Securi-Tay 2. It was a very well run conference – it was organised by students on the Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures course, but was better organised than some professional conferences I have been to.

I saw some excellent speakers, and gave a talk on career planning in information security, so mine was by far the least technical talk there.

Highlights for me:

  • Rory McCune gave an excellent talk on automation of security testing, both as a standard practice to make life easier, but to help consistency and standards in testing.


  • Graham Sutherland’s talk on attacking office hardware ranged from simple and relatively harmless, to pretty hardcore hacking via chip removal and analysis. Excellent fun, but sadly there was no party hat…

  • Nick Walker’s talk on Android Security Assessments, while slightly too technical for me, was very interesting, and reminded me to pop Cyanogenmod on my Galaxy S3 this weekend.
  • The” Rory track” – of the two lecture theatres, one had 3 Rorys presenting, which just goes to confirm one of the Memes of Meta…
 As we had 4 members of Security Stack Exchange presenting, Stack Exchange managed to supply me with a few T-shirts, pens and stickers so quite a few speakers presented their talks wearing them, which was nice. I also gave swag out for good questions and interesting discussion.
Once the videos are up online I will add links here…

And the good folks at Securi-Tay kindly donated this bright red t-shirt to my con swag collection, so I went home even happier!

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  • It was an awesome day for everyone involved, and we cant thank everyone enough, especially the speakers, guests and our sponsors for helping to make it so great!

    It was awesome seeing you, and your talk was very informative, as were all of the talks on the ‘Rory’ track (obviously the best track of the day).

    I should be putting up solutions to the CTF within the next few days so you can all have a look and see where you missed out!

  • Polynomial says:

    Damnit, I only realised I forgot to wear my party hat after I’d finished talking! 🙁

    Anyway, it was a great conference and I had a lot of fun, both as a speaker and an attendee. Will definitely have to go back next year!

    I’ve been told that the videos should be up on YouTube within the next two weeks.