QotW #2: Configuration Hardening

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Question of the Week #2

Unlike last week, where we looked at a specific question @nealmcb recommended the entire hardening tag! This is a well highlighted aspect of Information Security since it is what got many of us into the field. We knew that the factory switch config or default Windows installation wasn’t quite good enough so we tried to figure out exactly what to change in order to make things better.

From the basic Operating System hardening techniques that many of us are familiar with, we as a community have started applying the principles to more and more devices. As of writing this entry we have 19 open questions in that area ranging from What does defense in depth entail for a web app? to Best practices for securing an iPhone.

In my opinion, we’re clearly Getting It ™, as an industry, when we have moved on from Hardening Linux Server and are having real honest discussions about securing iPhones and Best practices for securing an android device.

In addition to the mobile device questions listed above, I think my favorites so far have been:

While some questions have received a large amount of traffic, such as Apache Server Hardening at 9 answers and over 1000 views, others have managed to slip through with relatively little traffic, like How do I apply a security baseline to 2008 R2? slipping in at 1 answer and >200 views.

Is there a platform you use that you are not sure how to secure? Do you have experience with hardening a particular configuration? Join the party by browsing through the questions in the hardening tag and adding your own fancy tips and tricks. Better yet, ask ask ask! Show us up, or work us hard.

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