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Security Stack Exchange’s first anniversary competition – results!

2012-09-27 by roryalsop. 0 comments

To celebrate our first anniversary since graduation as a fully fledged Stack Exchange site, we recently held a four week competition with prizes for individuals in the community who suggest useful edits, provide high scoring questions or answers, and for those who resurrect unloved questions to allow them to be answered successfully.

These prizes are arranged into three levels (details over on the competition post) with some delicious prizes supplied by the team at Stack Exchange headquarters:

Level 1 prizes are the much sought after Security Stack Exchange T-Shirt – here modelled by community moderator Jeff Ferland:

T-shirt modelled by moderator Jeff Ferland

and in closer detail:

Andrey Botalov, Zuly Gonzales, x711Li, queso, tylerl, jao and I will be getting one of these!

Level 2 prizes are Corsair Flash Survivor USB drives. Shiny, waterproof, rock solid:

StupidOne, dgarcia, D.W. and Lucas Kauffman each earned a Survivor!

and the top prize is a WiFi Pineapple from the hak5 group:

Polynomial – we’ll be expecting blog posts on exactly what you get up to with this baby!

Congratulations to all our winners – we will get prizes off to you as soon as we can!

I wonder what we will do next year – suggestions gratefully welcomed!